Italian creativity combined with dutch design made this project reality.

People want things that are unique. As the world becomes more and more homogeneous,
handmade things become more precious. DISHipline is a project based on limited, numbered pieces.
Become unique, find your DISHipline.

I have always been creative and I loved art but as it often does, work had taken me away from my hobby. It was during this busy period of my life that I found out I had cancer.
The news came as a shock and my whole world stopped spinning. Faced with things such as 5% survival rate and intense cancer treatments I could have given up and let the cancer win but I decided to focus on the positive. “If 5% have survived, then why can’t I be in that 5%,” I told myself.
I cut down my work hours, became vegan and started creating art using vintage dishes and pictures clipped from books and magazines. My light in the darkness, being able to create something beautiful even when my own reality was shadowed by the illness. Now, after a couple of years that I was not supposed to have, I’m still smiling and creating my art.

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